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    A shaggy dog story ... A helping of apprehended bias from Judge Sal Vasta ... Shouting, rudeness, anger, and overbearing conduct ... Expense and delay ... Transcript ... Sal's sorry history ... Read more ... 

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    Impeachment and other crimes ... What about all the other impeachable offences? ... No immunity for impeachment crimes ... Fair elections cauterised by the Supreme Court ... War criminals to the rescue ... Judgeships for ideologues and party hacks ... From our man in Washington ... Read more ... 

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    Verdict from the prosecutor ... Former judge Greg Woods reviews Frank & Fearless a memoir by former NSW DPP Nicholas Cowdery ... Policy intervention on drugs and mandatory sentencing ... Prosecutor in the Joh Bjelke-Petersen and Lionel Murphy cases ... Salvos from the mothball fleet ... The Gordon Wood case ... Law reform ... Read more ... 


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      "A rather important issue - this question of multiculturalism. Thirty years ago, I was anxious about the impact on Australia of people from very diverse cultures. But then when I was running the group Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, I found to my surprise, and ultimately great satisfaction, that there were many, many people, of very diverse cultural backgrounds, who supported the monarchy in Australia very strongly. It was one of the reasons why they'd come to Australia: the stability, the continuity, the settled government that the monarchy in our country symbolises. And that led me to an even stronger conclusion: that the vast majority of migrants are coming here to join us, not to change us." 

      Former PM Tony Abbott explaining why he likes multiculturalism - because migrants support the Queen. The Spectator, December 19, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

      For the latest developments in media law … www.glj. 

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      Trying to make prosecutors sexy ... Lawyer, rigger, runner, stagehand, actress and screenwriter ... Creator of Janet King ... A pitch for marriage equality ... Legal drama powered by family strife and prosecutorial tensions ... Gudrun Willcocks catches-up with Jane Allen beachside ... Read more ... 

      Justinian's archive

      Federal Court standoff ... When Federal Court judge Tony North accused counsel of discourtesy ... Melbourne silk Ross Gillies to the rescue ... Extenuated argy-bargy ... You're on my docket ... Judicial preciousness? ... Silly leave application? ... Transcript heaven ... From May 2014 ... Read more ... 




      Circus Court's procedural snafu

      Justice Debra Mortimer goes to town on "certain Federal Circuit Court judges" who make it a "common practice" to deliver written reasons after the appeal time has expired ... Canine court "interactions" ... Tasmanian briefs lured by the idea that life will be better if the royal trinket is reinstated ... Theodora reports 

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      Lynching by lawyers

      Just Mercy ... Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative ... Saving the misrepresented from death row ... Black men presumed guilty in America's south ... Racist legal system ... Dirty prosecution tricks ... Frying flesh... Miss Lumière at the movies 

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      The poor must pay

      Harsh life for struck-off solicitor ... A cult member who got onto pills and drugs ... Liquor store robberies ... A desire to return to prison ... Court of Appeal thinks robbery is incompatible with legal practice ... Forget rehabilitation, paying the Law Society's costs is more important ... Janek Drevikovsky reports 

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      Morrison, God and Climate

      Government makes climate change noises, but no pressing need for a more urgent policy setting ... Fools paradise persists ... God will show the way as science takes the backseat ... Miracles galore ... Inspiration from Trump ... The editorial team comments  

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      The torpor twins

      ACT Supreme Court's slow-coach judges ... Even in retirement the suffering continues ... Gone but not forgotten ... Delays wreaking havoc on litigants ... From Artemus Jones 

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      Frost bite

      Liberal Party's misleading tricks in Kooyong and Chisholm ... Corflutes to heaven ... Full Feds finds the dodgy signage didn't swing enough votes to make a difference ... Fresh meaning for the phrase "likely to mislead" ... Judges tread wearily on political rorts ... Christmas Eve judgment that deserves attention ... Alan Zheng to the rescue 

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      Courting climate intervention

      Can and should the courts intervene on climate policy? ... Gloucester Resources and the "first wave" of climate litigation ... Judicial delicacy about putting a toe on the legislative patch ... European Human Rights Convention applied in upholding government's duty for a stronger mitigation effort ... Intergenerational equity ... Nathan Twibill reports 

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      Impeachment and other crimes

      What about all the other impeachable offences? ... No immunity for impeachment crimes ... Trump remains unchastened ... Fair elections cauterised by the Supreme Court ... War criminals to the rescue ... Judgeships for ideologues and party hacks ... From Roger Fitch in Washington

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      Myrmidons and dancing bears

      What is it about the Murdoch media and climate? ... Riding the tiger of denialism ... Margaret Thatcher, with her Oxford science degree, saw the problem ... Ruination of our rivers, air, crops, stock and reef ... The political power of coal and zero tax ... Doc Evatt showed how political courage worked ... Procrustes explains 

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